Becoming Empress Nails

Years ago, if you told me I was going to be a nail tech, I probably would’ve laughed you off and told you you were insane. I was an aspiring pediatrician!

 I brought Fari Luxury Essentials into fruition during my second year of college in 2017. After a year and a half of being in school for nursing, suddenly my passion shifted. I craved something more. Entrepreneurship was calling my name, and I immediately answered. My first business venture was selling hair, lashes and handmade wigs. I had the LLC, EIN and a website... Ready was me! I was doing well, but to me it just wasn't enough. I became discouraged, overwhelmed and as a new mom mentally drained. The fear of me failing and proving my family right weighed heavy on me, so I did what I thought was best for my child and I. Making the decision to put my business on hold wasn’t easy but just because I slowed down doesn’t mean I gave up. I knew I wasn't destined to work for others and make them richer. Working for myself and building generational wealth was always the end goal for me.

Fast forward to mid 2019. God made sure to align me on the path that I am on right now. To him and my ancestors, I owe everything! I purchased my first nail kit by KISS from CVS... lol listen I was just trying something out! Ordering all the necessary supplies to do nails correctly is when I went into overdrive. My teacher 'YouTube University' taught me everything I needed to know. I spent countless days and nights watching videos and practicing my craft. After a couple months, I felt like I was ready to branch out and accept clientele. This mainly consisted of friends on IG. Still maintaining my full-time job, I now had a side hustle in which I loved!

  COVID-19 hit and that's when the blessing starting to rain in. With all the nail salons being closed, not only was I able to build clientele, gain exposure, and find my passion all over again... I finally realized this is truly the field for me.

On May 3rd, 2020, I was relieved of my duties. My job had let us go. Having strong faith, I knew there was no reason to panic. In addition to having more security, and being placed in a better position... I shifted my hobby and side hustle into a full-blown successful career. Empress Nails was born!

    This process wasn't easy for me. The closest people in my life did not support my newfound career. Starting out I was told "Your not good enough", "You'll never be successful", "Have a backup plan because this won't work", "Go back to school and get a degree' "Are you sure this is what you want", "I won't support you, if you fail"... All of that was motivation to say the least. Within 2 months of soley being a nail tech, I was able to save up, put myself through cosmetology school and purchase a brand new vehicle at my old job. I love it here!

Fari Luxury Essentials isn't just a name or way for me to make money. I wanted to give back and help others along the way. Knowing why I went through growing pains is what motivates me to keep going. It was also a test to get me where I am today. If you've been hesitant on starting a new journey, this is a sign to take your foot off the break and GO!   

This is for the girls and women who has ever had somebody doubt their dreams, goals, or passion. I wrote this book/guide to let you know anything that you believe in, you can achieve.

If you’re ready to turns your dreams into reality and become part of one of the most fastest growing industries in the world. Purchase your ‘Class is in Session’ Ebook today! 

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