Why I Quit my 9-5

 Why did I quit my 9-5?


It was never about the money; it was the lack of freedom and my mental health for me! -@IGBOSSDIVAS

I know a lot of people out there have worked jobs that they hated. I was working at a car dealership for 2 years; in the beginning it was nice but after the first half it started to become draining. If I wanted time off, I had to put in a month in advance, if my son wasn’t feeling well, I still had to show up to work. It became tiresome and irritating because I was missing out on milestones, I always thought I would be there for. Rather than look for another job, I knew I had to become it. Yes, I had to become my other job. Who can I count on most besides myself?




the quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose.

I became dedicated to becoming self-sufficient, not having to count on the next person to get a check. The task at hand was to dominate the nail industry as much as I can and be more business oriented, more than I already was. I applied myself… early morning and late nights. If I wasn’t practicing doing nails, I was in Barnes and Noble reading up on business and marketing (The degree that I should’ve went to school for).

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