Our Story


A mother, entrepreneur, teacher, author and future multi-millionaire. My name is Leandra Williams, I was born in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. I am a self-taught Nail Technician. By the age of 23, I was able to freelance full time.

I started off taking regular nail appointments. Then branched off to doing classes and one on one’s as well. Wrote and published my first Ebook! 

Since then, I have worked with Social Media influencer Kendra Karter and Dime Racks. American Rapper JT of the City Girls and VH1 Reality Tv Star Amara “La Negra”. I’m just getting started but will soon be where I want to be.

Being a nail technician has opened so many doors for me. To be in a position to meet so many people, make them feel beautiful and seeing the confidence it gives them is an amazing feeling. I cannot wait to see how far my passion for this artistry takes me.

Thank you for being apart of my journey and as always thank you for supporting Fari Luxury Essentials!

-With Love,

Leandra "Empress" Williams

“She changes everything she touches, and everything she touches changes.” -Starhawk