Fari Luxury Essentials


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Have you been thinking about starting a career in this billion dollar nail industry, why wait another day? You really wanna go ANOTHER 30 days being ordinary and not becoming that BOMB nail tech?


This DISCOUNTED Big Bag Bundle is your solution to get started in the nail industry. Learn from me as I teach you how to make your dreams become a reality.

This Bundle Includes: Class is in Session Ebook

  • Class is in session Ebook
  • Acrylic Practice Sheet
  • Private Youtube Video Access
  • Social Media Bundle (6 story and 6 square)
  • Nail Boss Reloaded- Business and Marketing Ebook
    • Empress Nails: Nail Boss Reloaded- A guide on getting to the nail bag!
      • How to Gain Experience
      • How to Become Legal
      • How to Price Services
      • Tips to Increase Engagement and Gain Clientele on Social Media

The best part about The Big Bag Bundle is that not only am I teaching you all about nails, you’ll learn the business side as well. My main focus is developing you into a BRAND and helping you come up with a strategy for consistent clients to bring the BIG BAG in. 

Keep in mind these are all $10-45 EACH so take advantage of this BOMB deal.